Christopher Hall
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Christopher Hall
Agugliano, Italy

Christopher Hall RBA, RCA (1930 to 2016) attended Bedales School between 1943 and 1949. It was there that he started to develop his interest and skill in art as well as his lifelong love of cricket. He served in an army intelligence gathering unit in Malaya before enrolling at the Slade School of Art in London where he developed his style and subject preferences which he would use for the majority of his career. His style was realistic and detailed. As subject matter, he liked to paint landscapes or townscapes which quite often included people in the compositions. The locations of his landscape paintings were mainly European and included scenes from England, Italy, France, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. He depicted fields, meadows, woods and rural villages. In contrast to those idyllic rural scenes, Christopher would also paint old industrial towns and streets of neglected terraced housing. He often depicted groups of local people in these scenes. In a revue of an exhibition of Welsh paintings in the Eastern Daily Press in August 1966, the reporter said, ‘looking at his views of grey cottages and drab, almost pigmy people, one is tempted to say “Here is a Welsh Lowry”.’ Others have made this comparison, too, but Christopher’s people are much better fed than any of Lowry’s. Interestingly in a “Young contemporaries” exhibition catalogue of 1955 among whose selection committee were Henry Moore and L.S. Lowry, Christopher was exhibiting along with his sister Sarah and friend Tom Cross and a certain Raymond Briggs. At 36, Christopher became the youngest mayor of Newbury in 1967/8 and the only mayor since Lucas Cranach to combine the role with being an artist. In his long career, Christopher painted nearly 4,000 paintings of both country and urban scenes from many different countries around the world. His distinct style is easily recognisable and many had come to love and appreciate his work. His loss is not only a loss to his family but also to the art world and to many others that were touch by his life. Christopher was also one of the first artists to join Creative Coverage when it was established in 2013 and he remained a loyal and enthusiastic member until his passing and so it is a great pleasure to be once again marketing his splendid work.

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