Sarah Jack
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mixed media
Sarah Jack
By the Moonlight 40 x 30cm. Unframed

Sarah likes portraying old, weather-worn, isolated and derelict cottages, farms or outbuildings using textures to capture the scene. Her artwork is exhibited in galleries throughout the UK. "My aim is to put into my art the deep experience we have when we are absorbed by something so moving and captivating - a something we cannot put into words as it does not do justice to the experience we are having," she says. "I'm inclined towards a mix of media, acrylics or inks, before bringing the piece together with the use of oils." This process creates the depths and ages the artwork, with textures being revealed from underneath the pigment. A limited palette is used, very often inclined towards blues and browns. "I  also like to experiment with the effects that wire, scraping, wiping and sanding can have on the mood of a piece often using my hands, rags or spatulas rather than a brush," she adds. Sarah's artwork is widely exhibited. Her work can also be found at the Affordable Art Fairs, Cheltenham and Battersea each year.

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