Howard Birchmore
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Howard Birchmore
Venice from the Milo, 50 x 50cm, acrylics, in large gilt frame 80 x 80cm

Howard Birchmore is in tune with the sea. "There aren't many people who can say that they were inspired at the age of four by the cartoon version of Peter Pan, in particular the pirate ship flying off into the sunset," he says. "As a child I was always painting sailing ships, a great way to develop your drawing skills. Seeing my interest my parents took me to the Port of London where I watched not just the boats but also the water and the way light danced on the surface, like diamonds in the sea. I wanted to capture that light. In fact water and the sea have always excited me, childhood holidays and that first moment on the beach, these things stay with you for ever." During his schooldays and after, Howard received many commissions and sold through a gallery in Windsor. He studied illustration and was employed by British Rail in their public relations and publicity department in London Waterloo before finally leaving to set up his own graphic design partnership. Twenty years ago the demand for Howard's original pieces enabled him to become a professional fine artist. He has constantly expanded his expertise and experience covering many subjects and locations. Trips have been made to Venice where he has exhibited for many years and to Greece and other locations in the Mediterranean. He has gallery representation in Newport in New England and in Florida. It is his relationship to the effects of light on water that has been his greatest inspiration. 

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