Pearl Gatehouse
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Pearl Gatehouse
In sea time

"I am excited by my current work, which is both atmospheric and expressive, the culmination of many years of self-learning and development of style," says Pearl. "Each work is unique and works on several levels so that its appeal will be lasting, long retaining new discoveries and a sense of mystery. Inspired by emotional reaction to a place, I spend time mark making, feeling the atmosphere, looking for rhythms in nature, elegant lines. When painting I aim for expressive freshness and luminosity in colour and a sense of movement through space and time. I love the wide sea and landscapes of Dorset where I live; open spaces with the imprint of human effort but retaining a sense of the wild; the transient movement of light and cloud shadows gliding over." Among many others, major influencers include Piero Della Francesca, Turner, Diebenkorm and the emphasis on elegance and simplicity in Japanese art. Since completing a foundation course at The Slade, Pearl has exhibited at the Mall Galleries with the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and successfully in Dorset and the West Midlands. 

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