Jabier Erostarbe
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Jabier Erostarbe
London, 42 x 60 cm, colour ink, £500

Jabier Erostarbe is based in the Basque country, Spain and specialises in watercolour and ink drawings. "Since I was a child, I have been a reader of comic books and the most interesting ones were about westerns. When I was a young boy I began drawing and creating stories. The first one was La nueva era del sueño (The new era of the dream). It was about the adventures of a 12 year old Peruvian immigrant child in Australia. Years later I published another comic called Mattin basoko gidaria (Mattin the forest guide). This was about a young boy who helps pilots cross the border from France to Spain during the Second World War." Jabier prefers to draw by hand. "I think that it is more authentic and the work is more elaborated," he says. "But nowadays the digital work is essential and facilitates things, especially takes less time and it is important for printing." Jabier paints animal and pet portraits from photographs.

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