Richard Harpum MA
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South Yorkshire
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Richard Harpum MA
Summer Morning, St Mary's Church, Tickhill, Yorkshire, acrylic on canvas, 36 x 36cm

Award winning artist Richard Harpum paints mainly with acrylics on canvas or board but also paints watercolour florals. He works in a realist style and pays meticulous attention to detail. Richard's primary focus is landscapes and seascapes but he also paints still lifes, portraits and florals. The effective use of light is a key ingredient to all of Richard’s works and he spends a great deal of time before starting a painting in selecting a composition that provides both drama and contrast. Richard, who has a Master of Arts degree from Cambridge University, had a passion for drawing and painting from a very young age. As a youngster he was always drawing and became a prolific painter after he received an oil painting set for Christmas when he was 12. Richard has won numerous art competitions and awards including Professional Artist of the Year 2012 by the Society of All Artists (SAA). His work is widely published, notably in jigsaws, where dozens of his images have been used over the years. He is a strong advocate for using the golden ratio (Phi - 1:1.618) in his paintings. You may note that the position of the sun or some other key feature or length often fits this ratio. In some of his works there are several used. Richard believes that this gives his paintings a better balance than using the more traditional rule of thirds. Richard has travelled extensively and has lived in Africa, America, Australia and Germany. This has given him a very broad perspective of the world, as well as providing him with wonderful sources of inspiration for his paintings.

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