Alison Bowyer
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fused glass
Alison Bowyer
Murmuration of Starlings, fused glass, wire wings, 22cm long, on steel posts

Alison is a sculptor, working in mainly fused glass and wire. As a scuba diver, a walker and wildlife watcher she is inspired by life. The variety of colours and shapes in nature provide a never ending source of enjoyment. She works in both 3D and 2/3D, creating standalone sculptures, wall hung art pieces and garden features. Alison uses frit which is ground coloured glass in a painterly way to bring her creations to life. The thrill of opening the kiln after a firing to see what alchemy has occurred to make every piece different still has her running back and forth to the studio, waiting for the kiln to cool enough before opening it, even after well over a decade! She loves to see a shoal of mackerel swimming through a flower bed or a flight of swallows swooping from above a flight of stairs. She was particularly excited to see a real blackbird display his displeasure at her glass blackbird who had invaded his territory!

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