Nicola Axe
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Nicola Axe

"I can’t imagine now a life without being able to carve stone," says Nicola. "This ancient natural material inspires and drives me to discover its possibilities. The whole process is challenging and hard work but deeply fulfilling. The large abstract heads I carve are inspired by Modigliani’s ‘Columns of Tenderness’ and the serene, peaceful Buddha heads of antiquity. They are all unique and often have fossils and crystals embedded or gold leaf applied to the stone to embellish and add meaning. Much of my figurative work is informed by my interests in yoga, meditation and the spiritual aspects of life. Nature inspires my large and small shell forms made for either garden display or interiors, and more recently I have enjoyed carving Serpentine in its various colours making sea turtles, fish and manta rays. I also make pieces for private commissions and have sold and exhibited my work throughout the south west and further afield. My regular exhibitions are with Delamore Arts in Ivybridge, Devon Open Studios and The Sculpture Park, Farnham, Surrey." Nicola is currently secretary of the South West Sculptors Association.

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