Joanne Powell RBSA SWA
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Joanne Powell RBSA SWA
The White Sands of Eriskay, oil, W63cm x H63cm, framed

Joanne became an elected member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists in 2005 and the Society of Women Artists in 2008. She exhibits in private and public galleries and has received many awards and commendations. "My artistic journey goes back to my childhood in North West Cumbria where I was born," says Joanne. "I was encouraged to develop my interest in Art and enrolled as a student at Carlisle College of Art. In my final year I was awarded a scholarship to study in Italy and France. I then took up a teaching post in the Midlands and now for many years have lived in Worcestershire." The rugged coastline of the North West and the wild fells of the Lake District still have a strong influence on Joanne's work. "Although working with a variety of media, I find that drawing and sketching are most important. My sketchbooks are my visual diaries, recording subject matter, ideas and a relationship with the landscape giving a sense of place. I feel as well as expressing mood, emotion and atmosphere there is richness and depth in my work. Painting is an inner journey of expression and feeling for the subject."



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