Steve Evans PRBSA
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West Midlands
Steve Evans PRBSA
MACVAL, ink on perspex and board, 60 cm square

Steve has been elected President of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists in 2021, taking over from fellow Creative Coverage member Wayne Attwood. Steve's work is informed by his background in structural engineering and is rooted in his interest in architectural detail, space, the way that shape and form provide stability and the effects created by superimposition of lines. It incorporates the techniques and formal qualities of technical drawing before the advent of CAD – qualities of precision, regimentation, the repetition of line and reference to geometry and measurement. Unlike CAD these works contain minute inconsistencies. The spacing, whilst measured, is imprecise, the thickness of line is variable. These ‘flaws’ evident in the hand-drawn pieces, add qualities that make each unique – sometimes the arrangements of line create visual disturbances and illusions beyond the original architectural or formal references. Whilst the works are clearly concerned with man-made form and celebrate the modern, they are also pieces in their own right – abstractions that explore and extend pictorial space through the use of light, line and colour. These works are also developing further into abstractions by the exploration of related drawing techniques. Steve has also been making three dimensional constructions using copper tubes and wire, which are soldered and painted, nylon line and clear acrylic sheet, which in some works incorporate drawings.

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