Liz Graham-Yooll
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still lifes
Liz Graham-Yooll
Pienza, oil on canvas, 20 x 20cm

Liz lives in south west France in the little known département of the Aveyron, part of the larger Occitanie region; this new name encompasses the two regions of Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrenées. She relocated from Tuscany where she had lived for many years. "I am principally a landscape painter and I love to work en plein air, when I can," she says. "With good reference from my painting experience outdoors, I also work my ideas up from my sketches, photographs and small oils onto larger canvases in the studio. I used to always paint large canvases in situ outside but I eventually found it was very good to remove myself from the view after a while, painting in a looser way using my visual memory of the moment. Apart from anything else, the weather would often change completely in the middle of my painting and I would have to finish it in the studio anyway. Coming back to a painting in the calm of my studio, I feel I can get a better idea of the fleeting moment and treat the canvas as a painting and not a photographic image of what I had been looking at." Liz also loves painting still-life which she mostly does in the winter. These paintings range from small to large canvases, too. Her recent exhibitions have been in London. After art school at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art, Dorset (where she specialised in animation) Liz lived in Florence for a year in 1976 where she attended a daily life-class as well as painting on her own account in the afternoons. "I had the privilege of studying many aspects of Rennaissance art while I lived there and I really enjoyed working en plein air. The Italian climate was much more generous to working outdoors, compared to what I had known growing up in south west Wales." Liz has exhibited in the RA Summer Exhibition, Royal Institute of Watercolour Painters, New Grafton Gallery, Sally Hunter Gallery and Stephanie Knight Gallery.

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