David Grimbleby
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David Grimbleby
Time, 22 x 22cm, assemblage on board

David Grimbleby's work draws on disparate and idiosyncratic influences ranging from underground comix art, outsider art, surrealism, symbolism, nature, and both eastern and western esoteric sources. Through various experiments with materials and techniques he explores mixed media styles and textures that incorporate found objects, both natural and man-made, collage, ink and paint, frottage and drawing. His symbolic work consists of mandalas and more stylised pieces. It can be seen that the landscape within David's work is inspired by overlooked and unnoticed places; the field corner, overgrown stile, footbridge, footpaths, bridleways and tracks through field and woodland, lichen on old stones or the blade of grass scribing it's mark in the sand on the beach. Within these landscapes are additions such as banal or everyday objects, hybrid creatures of all sizes and found text. But this is only the surface. His creative continuum is an intuitive vision quest. Not to simply produce artefacts but to make connections with magical places, shamanic spaces, labyrinths, rituals and invocations dedicated to the spirits of the elements. David has exhibited widely in over 200 exhibitions including more than 60 solo in the UK and Europe. His work is in many public and private collections both national and international and he has gained several prizes and awards along the way. He has had many articles and illustrations published in various magazines some of which have become very collectable. Positive critiques have come from Adrian Henri – Liverpool poet and artist and Oswald Blakeston – London critic and writer. Two pieces of work are in the national database – ArtUK. David has exhibited with Chris Welch, the famous underground comix artist, John Hurford, the psychedelic artist of International Times, OZ and Gandalf’s Garden and, Felipe Ehrenberg an international Fluxus, conceptual artist. His work has been  exhibited twice at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the Hayward Gallery Open, 3 times at the Mall Galleries, Battersea Arts Centre and other London galleries. He has also exhibited at the Walker Art Gallery Liverpool, the Williamson Art Gallery Birkenhead, the Grosvenor Gallery Chester, the Atkinson Art Gallery Southport, the Albert Dock Liverpool and the Bluecoat Gallery. He has been involved with Visionfest 3 times which later became the Liverpool Biennale. Other larger galleries in the  north west region include Bolton, Stockport, Leigh and Blackburn.

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