Maria Moorhouse
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letter carving
Maria Moorhouse
YinYang, black and white soapstone 5cm H x 10 cm W 4cm D

Maria Moorhouse is an experienced artist and director and tutor of Sculptworks; a stone carving sculpture programme run from the Dartington Hall Estate in rural Devon. She teaches the skill of carving stone using hand tools and traditional techniques and methods, nurturing her students' creativity and developing their skills and ideas in a friendly and encouraging creative space. Stone carving has been her passion for 30 years and she has trained and nurtured her own practice over this time. Her work centre around themes of the human condition; whether it be spiritual or physical, she likes to capture the essence of a feeling within her work and also to tell a story. This often results in a sequence of carvings to make a whole piece. Maria discovered the medium of stone while studying on the Fine Art degree at Canterbury, Kent. From here she embarked on specialist training at an architectural stone carving and masonry course and training in letter cutting at Weymouth College for two years, which involved training in hand-cut letter cutting skills. She trained to teach adults the skills of carving stone for spiritual growth and as a mindful past time.

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