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Liz Watts ASWA
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Award winning Wiltshire based Liz Watts lived in France for 10 years and studied sculpture and ceramics at l'Atelier des Beaux-Arts Henri Matisse, Creil. Liz  lived in a house in the middle of an ancient deer forest and spent much time studying, drawing and sculpting the deer. She returned to the UK in 2002. Liz creates pieces in ceramic, porcelain, papier-mâché, and bronze. Her chosen range of media allows her freedom in the interpretation of the image. Her passion is to represent the character and mood of the subject rather than just a physical form. I love the challenge of 3D work." Prior to this Liz trained and worked as a veterinary surgeon in both farm and small animal practice for a number of years. "My roots in veterinary medicine give an interesting anatomical edge to my interpretation of 'the nature of the beast'." Liz's work moves from animal forms to pieces, which find their roots in writing, where the written piece and the artwork are developed together. She exhibits throughout the UK and often exhibits her work in installation formats. These include a beach, a banquet, a garden and a bedroom. This gives her the chance to paint a scene with the work and the challenge having new ideas and of making new pieces, which will add to these scenes. Amongst other venues she has exhibited at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Valentines Clays, Stoke on Trent (where she has work in their permanent collection of contemporary ceramics), Bankside Gallery, Southbank, The RWA open, Art in Clay at both Hatfield and Farnham and The Mall Galleries, London with The Society of Women Artists where in 2019 she won the Cavendish Venues Sculpture Award.

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