Felicity Auden
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Felicity Auden
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Wales based Felicity Auden produces bronzes and carvings of British wildlife and domestic animals. She uses mostly European hardwoods, particularly sycamore, cherry, oak, ash and lime. Carvings are always done from a single piece of wood and Felicity's work is characterised by attention to line and form rather than intricate detail. Animals and birds are often carved in pairs or groups to add life and movement to the composition. "Some of my carvings have been the originals for bronzes," she says. "Each bronze is signed and numbered and is one of an edition of 15, 25 or 50. The two bronze foundries that cast my work both use the ‘lost wax’ method of casting, a process which has remained essentially unchanged for thousands of years.  The patination is often particularly subtle and interesting, giving a completely different quality to the sculptures." Felicity's work has been exhibited and sold at several galleries and exhibitions in England and Wales, including the Society of Wildlife Artists Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London, the Royal West of England Academy Autumn Exhibition, the ‘Nature in Art’ Gallery at Wallsworth Hall, and the St David’s Hall Gallery in Cardiff.

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