Austen Pinkerton
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Austen Pinkerton

Austen Pinkerton studied at the Oxford School of Architecture, Goldsmiths College, London University School of Art, graduating in 1976 with a Batchelor of Arts in Fine Art (Painting). After leaving Goldsmiths he returned to architecture while continuing to paint, draw, and make sculptures. For a while he was designing pubs in this country and abroad, notably Italy, France and Spain, and has also worked on refurbishments of the Law Society, and the Royal College of Surgeons. Meanwhile he exhibited his work in London galleries. He has also run his own gallery. Numerous private commissions have included most notably three very large installed paintings at No 36 Wharton Street, Islington, which began initially with a picture for Major Hamish Forbes, Director of the Museum of the Order of St. John, St. John's Gate, and former resident of Colditz. When this picture was moved to a new house another was commissioned by the new owner. and the same again when that moved with its owner. Up until August 2007 Austen worked part-time for the architect Richard Lincoln and also with interior designer Chester Jones on, amongst others, Sir Ridley Scott's house in Hampstead.

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