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Tony Kenyon
William Walker, the diver who saved a cathedral, 46 x 46 lithograph

Award winning artist Tony Kenyon spent his working life in the graphic arts, here and in the USA and is also a published author. His graphic work is often a response to a written narrative. "The prose of the King James Bible produced prizewinning woodcuts exhibited in Southwark Cathedral," he says. "An artist's book I wrote and produced led to a series of lithographs shown in Winchester Cathedral. 'Miseries of Life', an artist's book with original drypoint prints, was shortlisted for the Ruskin Prize and represents another interest: a personal view of contemporary Britain and the social and cultural changes." Other non-figurative work, mostly pastel, is derived from travels to the Balkans, Central and South East Asia. Tony enjoys the uncertainties of printmaking. Samuel Parker spoke of it as having "something of the excitement of gambling, without its guilt and ruin".

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