Aileen Wrennall GSWA
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Aileen Wrennall GSWA
Floating Above the Clouds, 450 x 40cm, £400

"I've always been involved with art in some form, including photography, interior design, fashion, drawing and painting," says Aileen. "My recent work is leaning towards abstract landscape, as I go deeper into the things that interest me in my art and also in life. I've always been fascinated by what's gone before from ancient landscapes, cave paintings and the patterns and marks left behind by previous generations; and how erosion, weather and time have gouged out features in the land. All these ideas and emotions feed into my paintings. Having worked in watercolour for many years, I now work in mixed media, initially building up many layers of paint, which I work into with implements to produce marks, patterns  and scratches. I find that by taking away and reducing some of the top layers, lovely surprises and jewel-like colours from below are revealed and this directs the painting to the next level. I work on a number of paintings in a series at the same time and each one inspires and directs the next. I am an elected artist member of both the Glasgow Society of Women Artists, (GSWA) and the Paisley Art Institute (PAI)."

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