Caroline Bromley-Gardner
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Caroline Bromley-Gardner
Horse and hound

Caroline Bromley-Gardner is a sculptor and artist who works on equestrian, wildlife and sporting subjects. After taking the foundation course at Bath Academy of Art, she trained for three years in Italy at one of the most influential drawing ateliers run by Nerina Simi, where daily life-class studies encouraged an understanding of the underlying structure of the human form. This training is apparent in the quality of her work, which seeks to interpret excitement and appreciation of beauty, through an understanding of form, the tension of muscle and sinew, the play of light and shade – ‘Chiaroscuro’ – and an underlying sensitivity in her work. As a life-long rider, Caroline was Pony Club Senior Eventing Champion as a teenager. She holds the Pony Club ‘A’ test and rode in adult eventing and show-jumping competitions. Caroline is naturally drawn to the equine model. Brought up in the countryside she also has a love of animal and wildlife subjects. Her sculpture is cast in bronze by the centuries-old lost wax process, which takes four months on average before the final bronze sculpture is completed. Once she has handed over her clay model to the foundry, they then take it through all the processes of casting, which Caroline carefully monitors. Caroline sculpts from life wherever possible, and prepares by taking her own photos of preferred angles, then completing detailed drawings to work out the composition. Clients commissioning a bronze can choose their favourite angle and approach from these drawings. Her bronzes are mostly presented in limited editions of nine. Once the ninth has been made, the mould is destroyed, which ensures the exclusivity of the edition. Caroline’s work is held in private collections in the UK and overseas. She is an Associate Member of the Society of Equestrian Artists.

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