Larain Briggs
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Larain Briggs
Plus De Souvenirs de L'Age D'Or

Larain Briggs first studied art formally under Nick Bristow RA. This was followed by a foundation course at Maidstone Art College and a degree in fine art at Camberwell College (UAL). She has also studied computer aided visualisation, art education, psychology and art therapy. Larain’s art was recognized on leaving Camberwell when Sweet Waters Gallery exhibited her work at the Islington Business Design Centre. While she continues to exhibit in the UK, in London and East Anglia, she has exhibited in Bulgaria, Madrid, Brussels and Milan. Her work is collected worldwide. Her work, has for many years, been inspired by Carl Jung and the exploration of the unconscious mind. She works through painting, digital art, assemblage and installation, employing various strategies which access the animus, the shadow, and the collective unconscious. Through creative expression, she attempts to externalize the inner reality of her psyche. The paintings act as a mirror, the artist’s portrayal of the soul and the inner workings of the mind, resonating within the viewer. By transcending persona to connect with the true self there is a reconciliation of internal conflict.

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