Nicola Currie
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Nicola Currie
Strawberries and Blueberries with a Copper Pot

Nicola studied Fine Art at Worcester University and now specialises in contemporary still life oil paintings. "In a society that is bombarded with fast moving visual imagery I believe that a still life painting can help viewers regain the capacity to be still, gaze and wonder," says Nicola. who is particularly fascinated by the quality of light and colour generated even in everyday food and objects. She often uses reflective surfaces to paint images within images. Taking inspiration from the Dutch Golden Age, Nicola usually paints on traditional gesso boards: the luminosity in her paintings is achieved through thin glazes of transparent paint. Recently she has begun to develop her work by painting on metal leaf. Nicola has exhibited at the New Art Gallery, Walsall, the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, as well as presenting solo exhibitions at Worcester and Carlisle cathedrals. Nicola has been appointed artist in residence at Spetchley Park Gardens, Worcester. "The Spetchley residency is exciting for me and is going to be a significant part of my work during 2021 leading to two solo exhibitions," says Nicola.

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