Cali Norton
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mixed media
Cali Norton

Calli finds inspiration in many places: in the Dorset village of Marnhull where she lives; in the Blackmore Vale itself; in the Jurassic coastline; in her travels abroad; in other worlds… and, in particular, deeply-felt life-experiences echoed in literature, especially poetry and mythology. "With images filtered through memory and imagination, and working from my inner landscape of emotion recollected in tranquility, I create vibrant, stylised and symbolic artwork," she says. "As I paint, meanings, stories and images evolve and deepen of their own accord: often suggesting allegorical, timeless events, my paintings try to capture a sense of place and/or spirituality." Having always been fascinated by handwriting and paleography, iconic visual symbols from ancient writing systems as well as calligraphic markings can be found in much of her work; and she has designed an original pictographic alphabet which she uses in some paintings, especially those created on rice paper. "I employ a variety of techniques: collage, marbling, textured surfaces, lino/mono-printing, watercolour and inks on Xuan rice paper etc. I also enjoy using a variety of mediums: watercolours, pastels, modelling paste, acrylic inks and paints, gouache, gesso, pen/black inks etc; and, at the moment, I am experimenting with Brusho and Zen-tangling." 

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