Maria Floyd
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Maria Floyd

Maria's paintings are a direct response to the environment, the form of the land or movement of light or depth of the sea. "I want to capture the moment, waves crashing on the rocks or wind blowing over the moor and clouds gathering," she says. "My work engages with form using a language of abstract elements and expressive mark making." Maria works outside making sketches and gathering notes and then develops them in her studio in the heart of Dartmoor. "Working outside is integral to my painting process, it allows me to fully immerse myself in the landscape and absorb my surroundings. The dramatic coastline of Cornwall and the wild expanse of Dartmoor are at the heart of my work and through recording information in my sketchbooks and by walking the paths and tracks I can focus on the experience and essence of the place." Maria studied Fine Art/Art History at Goldsmith's College (1990-92) and her work is available in various galleries predominantly in the south west. She is associated with the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation as a partner artist and has previously been a part of the Wildlife Artist of the Year exhibition.

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