Kirstie Adamson
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magazine collage
Kirstie Adamson
Throwing Stones, 40 x 40cm, magazine collage

Magazine and junk mail collage artist Kirstie Adamson has a degree in Applied Arts from the University of Derby. "I have always had a great interest in finding ways of using waste materials in my artwork," says Kirstie. "I was introduced to this technique at art college in 1994 when I was asked to collage a still life using newspapers. I loved the effect and have repeatedly returned to it. I turned my attention to reclaimed metal during my degree in Applied Arts at the University of Derby which I completed in 2000. I experimented with a variety of materials following this but in 2007 I decided to specialise in magazine collage. I don't use any imagery from the magazines but I use the colours and textures that I find as an alternative to paint. It is intentional that when viewing my work that the method used is not instantly obvious. At first glance it is often assumed that I have used paint and only on closer inspection does it become apparent that the piece consists entirely of ripped and cut magazines. The intention is to challenge our perceptions, highlighting how small changes in our methods and materials can enhance our work while reducing impact." Kirstie is inspired by the natural environment and children feature heavily because she is moved by the simplistic way they see the world and the joy they take in the little things. 

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