Angie Kenber
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Angie Kenber
Indian Jewel, acrylic on canvas, 25cm x 25cm. Photo: Bristol in a Box

With her BA(Hons) in Fine Art from UWE Bristol, Angie has exhibited in galleries in London, Cornwall and the Cotswolds, as well as several times at the RWA New Gallery. "I began by drawing and making sculpture from life during my teens and twenties, culminating in gaining my degree as a mature student – over seven years with three small children," says Angie, who was represented by Innocent Fine Art. She now exhibits with Flux Gallery in Park Street, Bristol, the RWA shop, and Iroka Design near St. Ives. Her semi-abstract and abstract work is inspired by a sense of wonder at what is beyond the horizon – both literally and figuratively-speaking. "I am lucky enough to live with an amazing view over city, river and hills. I am inspired by this, and also by the landscape around St. Ives and Cape Cornwall, where there is a huge sense of ‘the edge of the land’." Angie uses a vibrant palette of colours: acid yellows and lime greens, turquoise and jade working with passionate reds and oranges. These colours literally make her feel good, and her work inspires a feeling of joy and happiness. Her abstract paintings have been described as inspiring, uplifting and joyful. She uses her colour palette to create bold and expressive paintings that capture her excitement and joy in life, grounded in a contemplative spirituality. Her work is an honest and open exploration of what it means to feel alive.

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