Knighton Mill Pottery
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Knighton Mill Pottery
Barnett's of Bowerchalke uses plates made by Knighton Mill Pottery

Knighton Mill is an artisan ceramics studio located in the beautiful Chalke Valley in south west England. It was founded in 2015 by Ian Morrison following his time as a visiting potter at Leach Pottery, St. Ives, Cornwall. "We continue the traditions of making beautiful British handmade arts and crafts pottery for modern tastes," says lead potter Ian. "We first fired the salt kiln in June 2016 and plans are underway to add a wood-fired kiln." Ian has been making pots for 20 years, studying and working in the USA, China and the UK. The character of the products at Knighton Mill express those varied experiences. Ian has drawn on his expertise from years working within the global ceramics community to create Knighton Mill Pottery. He holds a clutch of enviable awards and certifications. Apprentice potter Joseph Bull joined the pottery in 2018 having spent eight months working in Egypt discovering 9th century ceramics and lustre glazes. He spent two years prior to that working with UK potteries.

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