Sue Crudgington
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West Midlands
Sue Crudgington

Sue's work has evolved over the years and continues to do so as she changes, experiments and develops her ideas. Inspiration comes from the shapes and patterns of organic and man made forms gathered on her travels. This has led to a body of work based on the sea and influenced by Hokusai. The Vortex series marries together swirling shapes and oriental style, particularly in the red and black colourways. Pieces are thrown, hand built or cast using both earthenware and stoneware bodies and various pieces are decorated using a selection of wax, coloured slips, and oxides. Surface textures, glazes and sometimes a touch of something a little unorthodox adds a bit of mystery. More recently Sue has ventured into the realms of Raku, being drawn by the drama and unpredictability of the process. Occasionally she matches a painting to the ceramic piece, usually on three canvases. Sue's aim is to produce work that incorporates forms and unusual mark making, sometimes with bold brush strokes, metal leaf and bursts of colour. Sue's work is now in America, Cyprus, Spain, Germany and of course the UK. She is an Associate member of the Craft Potters Association, Member of the Midland Potters Association and Chair (Acting) of Lichfield Society of Artists.

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