Paula Armstrong
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Paula Armstrong
Potential Inside black and white, stoneware ceramic.

Paula has been making ceramic sculpture for over 20 years and loves to create work that speaks to the viewer. She aims to make distinctive one-off pieces that tell a story and draw the viewer in. She's a firm believer that each piece speaks differently to different people and she loves that. "The conversations individuals have with a piece is why it calls them," she says. "The emotions, memories and associations brought to the fore are what brings a sculpture to life and reflects something of the viewer. When a piece connects on this level to find it's new home it makes my artist's heart very happy." Paula always wanted to be an artist and as soon as she touched clay for the first time in school she fell in love. "In those early school days I pretty much had the ceramics studio to myself and learnt mostly by failing and trying again but I was so enamoured with it I went on to do my degree specialising in ceramics." Since completing her degree Paula has had an eclectic career in the arts from running community arts projects to working in arts development in local councils but clay has remained a constant throughout. "I work from my ceramic studio in the Cambridgeshire village of Fenstanton. It's a fabulous space that I'm grateful for as it has plenty of room for teaching classes and workshops where I can share my love of clay. I've recently also started creating video workshops and finding that I really enjoy it! With my YouTube channel, online courses and membership of my new online Handbuilding Academy I can share my knowledge and passion with viewers all around the world and hopefully inspire even more people to make their mark with clay."

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