Michele White PPRBSA
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West Midlands
Michele White PPRBSA
Tree on Hadrian's wall brooch silver and 18ct gold, 80 x 60mm

Michele's first training on leaving school was in ceramics and working with metals and gemstones has many of the same satisfactions as working in clay, but fewer constraints. "My philosophy in jewellery making and design has been that it should be a mixture of art and craft and draw much of my inspiration from the Art Nouveau Movement, particularly the philosophy of French designer Rene Lalique (1860 to 1945). He was known for his creations of glass art, perfume bottles, vases, jewellery, chandeliers, clocks, and automobile hood ornaments - mixing gemstones of great value with others of great beauty but little value." Michele's jewellery has an organic movement and she uses gemstones, both precious and semiprecious with gold and silver to combine beauty and function. She has worked in the Jewellery Quarter for more than 40 years and was President of the RBSA from 2005 to 2008. Michele opened her own gallery, Artisan Alchemy in 2016. 

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