Mary Kaun-English
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pit fired ceramics
Mary Kaun-English
Elemental Pit Fired Ceramic, 25 cm x 22 cm

Mary Kaun-English is a contemporary ceramic artist currently living in Kehelland, Cornwall. She was born and raised in Southern California where her passion for nature was evident from the beginning. Living in the then undeveloped San Rafael foothills, she was allowed to explore this distinctive landscape, being conscious of the natural spirit and materials around her; paralleling the movements of the native American Indians, her natural biological forefathers. Mary has lived and worked for most of her adult life in London and SW England. However Mary’s conviction that her work and life required a stronger connection with nature, lead her to move to rural Cornwall with her partner Martyn Perryman, Landscape oil painter, where there is more space to breath, work and live. The space she now inhabits is ideal for her to concentrate her efforts on developing her personal art practice and to collaborate with other like minded people. Mary conducts regular workshops and demonstrations on alternative ceramic firing methods and is an experienced lecturer on the history and contemporary use of Pit Firing ceramics.

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