Liz Wright
Liz's detailed paintings are both fantasy and acutely observed reality. She studied at St Martins School of Art and has a degree in Fine Art from the West of England College of Art, Bristol.
Peter Thwaites
Peter Thwaites' watercolours have been exhibited at the Royal Institution in Cornwall. He was commissioned to illustrate a Pocket Guide to Common Fungi for the British Mycological Society.
Andrew Halliday
After graduating from Wimbledon School of Art, Andrew won a placement as resident artist at the world famous Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. He is now based in Hampshire.
Priscilla Brightman
Since graduating from Edinburgh College of Art with a degree in art and design, Priscilla Brightman has been an art tutor. She has held exhibitions and received commissions.
Zee Jones
Zee lives in Devon and has her studio in Lyme Regis, Dorset. Working mainly in mixed media and collage she regularly exhibits across the south of England and also runs collage workshops.
Caz Scott
In her work Caz aims to reflect the strength and structure of the land. When she looks Caz sees everything is perfectly placed, nothing untidy, no jarring notes, great harmony.
Cali Norton
With images filtered through memory and imagination, and working from her inner landscape of emotion recollected in tranquility Cali Norton creates vibrant, stylised and symbolic artwork. 
C. Bromley-Gardner
Caroline Bromley-Gardner is a sculptor and artist who works on equestrian, wildlife and sporting subjects. Her work is held in private collections in the UK and overseas.
Barbara Green
Barbara received formal art training at Trent Park Training College. A versatile artist, Barbara works in a variety of media: oil, collagraph, etching, mono printing and collage.
Ken Maharajah
Ken Maharajah is a people painter who is passionate about capturing the human form and its emotional connection when engaged in activity. He is a self-taught watercolourist.
Frances St Clair Miller
Frances has been making etchings for half a century and still loves the medium, which offers so much to the artist and the collector. She prints all her own work in her studio in Herefordshire.
Brian Steventon
Brian works from the life model and plein air and uses the sketch book extensively. He models the abstract from the reality, expressiveness is crucial to progress of his work. 
Jools Woodhouse
Having studied Graphic Design at Salisbury College of Art, Jools travelled the world, painting 3D items as she went. Her work is a celebration of all that is coastal.
Nicola Currie
Nicola studied Fine Art at Worcester University and now specialises in contemporary still life oil paintings. She has exhibited widely including at the New Art Gallery, Walsall.
Caroline Liddington
Caroline began by studying fine art at Byam Shaw in London, later specialising in Illustration at Kingston (BA) and at Falmouth (MA). Her work is in various collections in the UK and USA.
Janice Alamanou
The work of award winning photographer Janice Alamanou is inspired by the elements. Nature and environment stands alone or blends with her love of people.
Lynda Kettle RBSA
Former Vice President of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Lynda Kettle has enjoyed a successful artistic career in theatre and BBC Television. Her life in TV has influenced her painting style.
Mark Weston
Mark has drawn and painted since childhood and sold his first painted aged 17. He regularly exhibits across the south of England, selling well in Sussex and Cornwall.
Beatrice Cloake
Born in France in 1946 Beatrice Cloake moved to the UK in 1970. She was elected a member of the National Acrylic Painters Association in 2001 and exhibits throughout the UK.
Annie Taylor
Annie Taylor’s slightly surreal paintings are a response to two very different landscapes: the South West of England where she grew up and the mountains in France where she lives and works. 
Stuart Stanley SGFA
Stuart studied at both Eastbourne and Wimbledon Schools of Art and works mainly in oil and acrylic in an expressive, painterly style using vibrant colours and masterly brush marks.
Danny Mooney
Although Danny Mooney has prosopagnosia (facial blindness), in the studio he paints people. "Making images of people helps me remember them," he says. He studied at Goldsmiths.
Mary Burtenshaw
Mary uses pastel and acrylic to create evocative landscapes. She injects drama with an impressionist and abstract style and atmosphere and feeling through texture and light.  
Tom Lund-Lack
A self-taught painter, Tom's work uses the power of imagination to seek out the core elements of the subjects he paints. His work is grounded in the need to celebrate life. 
Michael Hill
President of Plymouth Watercolour Society Michael Hill teaches art and is also a member of Plymouth Society of Artists. Born in Plymouth he studied graphic art and design.
Shirley Kirkcaldy
Recently selected as a featured artist in ‘Dartmoor’ and ‘Devon Life’ magazines, Shirley exhibits across the south est and London and is currently represented by Wildwood Gallery.
Charles Jamieson
Charles graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1974, winning a travelling scholarship. He also gained a scholarship from TCU in Fort Worth Texas and gained a Master of Fine Arts degree.
Christine Brunnock
Well-known for her expressive and atmospheric seascapes Christine exhibits in galleries throughout Cornwall. Her work is regularly selected for exhibitions and can be found in private collections.  
Yanko Yankov
Photographer Yanko Yankov is based in Bulgaria and travels extensively in search of his next subject. He exhibits and his work can be found in collections throughout the world. 
Alison Orchard
Alison first attended St. Ives School of Art as a teenager in 1986 and at the age of 18 won the Scott, Brownrigg & Turner Award for Art, which funded a painting trip around Europe.


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