Bernie Moore RBSA
Shropshire based Bernie Moore is an elected member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (RBSA). He has won the RBSA national first prize and the GMC Trust Award.
Joanna Commings
Working in acrylics, Joanna enjoys discovering a new landscape around the north and south Devon coasts, the Blackdown Hills, the Quantocks and the Mendips. She exhibits across the south.
Dr Trudy Barber FRSA
Aside from her 30 year career as a university lecturer Trudy continues to follow traditional Fine Art practice with ongoing paintings, drawings, installations and film making.
Jane Corner
"My inspiration comes from my surroundings, living in the New Forest and being a 10-minute drive from the sea," says Jane. "I am obsessed with trying to evoke movement and passion."
Tom Cotcher
Tom Cotcher's seascapes have a strong Turner influence, his landscapes have more to do with the Dutch school and his highly colourful interiors are painted in naive Matisse style. 
Gerry Defries
Gerry discovered his interest in painting around 15 years ago, primarily as a relief from the stress of his professional life. He attended the Hampstead School of Art for 11 years.
Dominic Fondé FGE ARMS
Glass blower and engraver Dominic Fondé is a Fellow of the Guild of Glass Engravers and an Associate member of the Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers.
Austen Pinkerton
Austen Pinkerton studied at the Oxford School of Architecture and Goldsmiths College, London University School of Art, graduating in 1976 with a Batchelor of Arts in Fine Art (Painting).
Liz Watts
While living in France, Liz Watts studied decorative porcelain painting, ceramic work and sculpture. Prior to this she worked as a veterinary surgeon in farm and small animal practice.
Sheila Fowler
Sheila studied at Glasgow School of Art and has been a professional artist since 2007. She loves colour and texture. Her work is widely exhibited and can be found in private collections.
Linda Saul
Linda works in water based mixed media. Her theme is the built environment and the passage of time - decay, weathering, adaptation, repair and construction.
Kate Thelwell
Kate's work aims to create a living atmosphere of unfolding flora, pollen and debris blowing on the breeze, insects buzzing and vapour evaporating in the heat.
Roger Griffiths RBSA
Roger uses watercolours and acrylic-based mixed media. He studied geography and geology, then landscape architecture and practised as a landscape architect.
Sarah Graham
In 2012 British painter Sarah Graham was commissioned by the British band Kaiser Chiefs to paint the album cover of their singles collection 'Souvenir', which was released worldwide.
James Eddy
James Eddy is a sculptor, painter and site-specific artist who has been following a broad and varied artistic journey since graduating with an Environmental Science degree.
Amanda Jackson
Amanda is a painter versed in traditional atelier skills. The play of light, the tug of emotion in those fleeting and memorable moments are reimagined in a way our cameras simply cannot catch.
Jill Barthorpe
Jill Barthorpe is a graduate of the Slade School of Art and her paintings are often selected for 'Critics Choice' exhibitions and sold through Christie's contemporary art sales.
Anthony Hopkinson
A long time painter, Anthony took up printmaking about 18 years ago. Printing is now his main artistic activity. He started with screenprinting, which can be carried out cheaply, simply and safely.
David Grimbleby
David's work draws on disparate and idiosyncratic influences ranging from underground comix art, outsider art, surrealism, symbolism, nature, and both eastern and western esoteric sources.
Liz Graham-Yooll
Landscape painter Liz relocated from Tuscany where she lived for many years, to the little known département of Aveyron, part of the larger Occitanie region in south west France.
Ferha Farooqui
Ferha's work is informed by life in Newham where she has lived, almost continuously, since 1969 and attempts to reflect its changing character and mood including the borough's disappearing landmarks.
Richard Blacklaw-Jones
Richard Blacklaw-Jones creates abstract art from plastics, fibreglass, rubber, trainer shoe soles and flip flop soles. These materials are retrieved from beaches then worked and mounted on plywood.  
Margaret Jones
Margaret has a Master of Fine Arts degree in tapestry weaving from West Dean College. She has won the Valerie Power Award at West Dean College and the Cordis Showcase Prize.
Ben Dobson
Ben is an artist who has fallen in love with the beauty that lies within, invisible except through the microscope. The beauty in this world is more intense in tiny places, he says.
Ted Hallett
A painter of light and colour, Ted is self-taught and with a life-time of experience. He has successfully combined careers as a design engineer and as an artist, painting full-time since 2002.
Paula Sharples
Paula uses colour and pattern, working on gesso prepared board with acrylics, ink and graphite in layers. She uses a combination of still life with landscape background.
Lydia Milford
Devon based Lydia Milford trained in illustration at St. Martins, London. She works in watercolour and mixed media and is inspired by the coast and countryside of Devon and Cornwall.
Romanvs, a mechanical engineer and specialist in mathematical analysis of physical processes (especially thermodynamics) looks for hidden beauty in his creative work.
David Roberts
Making large, hand built, Raku fired ceramics for over 40 years, David attempts to transform a long ceramic tradition into a vibrant and contemporary art form relevant to the 21st century.
Elaine Peto
A graduate of Exeter College of Art & Design, where she studied animals via livestock markets and the abattoir, using the media of photography and drawing to record the structure of the carcass.


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