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Websites are critical for generating new business. They act as a shop window to display your wares. There are so many web designers out there - how on earth do you choose who to go to? We had the same problem when we wanted to produce this website. It wasn't difficult for us though because we had worked with on a couple of previous projects and we really liked David's friendly and approachable attitude. He produces websites the end user can actually update themselves. This is great for us because we need to update this website every day.


Traditionally websites have been static pages that could only be amended by paying a web designer a lot of money. We are thrilled with this responsive website, which resizes itself depending on the platform be it an iphone or ipad, mobile phone or laptop. The galleries and venues that we work with find it easy to navigate, too. That, of course, is down to Caroline's graphic design expertise. Caroline actually designed the Creative Coverage website and has a thorough understanding of how to produce user-friendly design. She then provided David with the plans. This worked well. We now work in collaboration with


The key advantages of commissioning Creative Coverage to build your website are:


1. We build responsive websites that can be viewed on all platforms: computers, ipads, iphones, mobile phones etc.

2. You can update the site yourself or we can do it for you for a small fee

3. Search Engine Optimistion included

4. Ongoing advice and support

5. 12 months website hosting on our own reliable servers is included as part of the package

6. Regular backups and security updates give you peace of mind

7. Creative Coverage provides excellent customer service


Contact us for an extremely competitive quote.


Creative Coverage has built the following websites: 


Read the case study about the first website we built, for Gerry Defries in 2013, below:


Case study

London artist Gerry Defries now has a new website that he can update himself.
It is the result of collaboration between Creative Coverage and David Morley Web Design.
For the last three years Creative Coverage co-founders Tim and Caroline Saunders have worked with David Morley on various web design projects including producing
Former head of art and graphics Caroline is also a trained graphic designer and she liaised with Gerry Defries to understand his website requirements. She then combined his vision with her understanding of design to produce visuals for Gerry to approve. These were then given to David Morley who tackled the challenges of translating this to the internet.
Once complete David produced easy to follow instructions for Gerry to manage the site himself. Tim provided telephone support.

Gerry says: "I am very happy with the website. The look of the site is professional, it works, is user friendly and I can actually work the damn thing! The instructions have clearly been well thought out and are almost idiot proof and very comprehensive. It has taken me some time to learn to operate but as with all things it has been worth the effort and I now feel almost in control (might live to regret that!) I am bound to say that the design is also simple, clear, concise and easy to navigate. Well done to all three of you."

This is the first website that Creative Coverage and David Morley have produced for an artist.
"We are all happy with the final result and we feel that we are now well placed to design websites for other artists," says Caroline Saunders, adding that this website is hosted on Daisy, our own reliable dedicated server.


Any Creative Coverage member wishing to discuss their website requirements are welcome to contact us on 01489 808621 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Click anywhere on the image below to go straight through to the Gerry Defries website:


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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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